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Warmachine Conquest

This is another one of those characters that I think is really cool and I wanted to try my hand at making it. If you are not aware of what this is by the title it’s the Khador Colossal from Warmachine. The guy and gals at Privateer Press get all credit for coming up such a cool design.

The mesh for the Conquest has 28,568 triangles and uses 2048x2048 textures. All the other textures for the scene are 1024x1024. The rail's triangle count is 2,640, the bricks have have 5,632 triangles in total, the grass has 2,996, and the ground has 1,060, and lastly the pip has 2,406.

The programs I used on this project were DDO, Maya, xNormal, Photoshop and Marmoset 2. I used Maya to do all of the modeling, XNormal to do all of the baking, Photoshop to create the base texture, and then I used DDO to add in the smaller details. The last thing I used was Marmoset 2 to render everything out.

Conquest Mesh Sene